A Solution For Your Amazon Products

Give your ASIN a second chance

Selling on amazon is tough as is and sometimes products don't perform the way we want them to, ASINDoctor allows you to have a fresh start and get back on the road

Asin Refresh

Will refresh the listing with a new ASIN reset the BSR and keep all reviews so it gives you the Honeymoon period and allows you to start fresh

Asin Restart

We full reset your ASIN including reviews, BSR and transfer all the inventory all without removing inventory or relabeling


No need to worry about removal orders, relabeling or anything else


We work with Amazon’s TOS! No Rules Broken Here


If for some reason we aren’t able to get the job done we will refund you 100% back

Things To Know

Our service is 100% safe and according to Amazon TOS!

All you need to do is create a new listing with a new UPC and SKU

We take no responsibility on any future new blockages your ASIN will get from Amazon. The only guarantee we give you is that your ASIN will be revived.

You will NOT need to remove any of your inventory, nor relabel. Just sit tight and let us do our magic for you and save you time and money!

As you will receive a brand-new listing page, please note your BSR (Best Seller Rank) will be nullified.

The turnaround period of our service varies according to the volume of new orders we get each day and your fast cooperation with our instructions. Your order will be next in line in a first-come-first-served method.

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